Flame of the Alpha by Lacey Savage
Loose Id
Futuristic Romance
ISBN: 978-1-59632-543-2
Reviewed by Lisa



It was supposed to be a pleasure trip to the Festival in Vieux Orleans for Dante Lotton.  Now he is running for his life from the government soldiers and Dante knows if they catch him, an Alpha, it is certain death.

As High Priestess at the St. Valentine Pleasure Academy it is up to Sophia Rousseau to ensure an acceptable male at the Flame Ceremony next week.  So far Sophia has failed in finding a suitable candidate.

Dante scales a high brick wall to evade capture and ends up in Sophia’s hands.  Danger escalates when the soldiers lead by Captain Jolen Neo demand Dante.  Thus begins a dangerous game being played out by Sophia who needs the Alpha, Dante wanting Sophia and his freedom, and Neo who wants to teach Dante how to be the perfect pleasure slave for himself.

Hot and sizzling describe the Flame of the Alpha with three people demanding dominance over the other.  Although not listed as a sequel, I think reading author Lacey Savage’s previous story would hopefully explain the Alpha world a little more.  Sexy, strong characters make this story worth reading but I wish I had understood the Academy and Alpha’s more.


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