Favor by Alex Draven
Torquere Press
Gay Paranormal
Reviewed by Cassie



Halloween is on Friday, and Micky, the goth kid of his dorm, is already tired of people who are usually rude to him asking to borrow his stuff.  Heís shocked when Rhys Summers, the guy heís been crushing on, asks him for a very different favor.  Now Rhys is coming out with Micky and his friends on Halloween!  Can Micky get through the night without making a fool of himself?

Favor is a hot, fun story about what happens when two very different guys give in to their mutual attraction.  I liked gothic Mickyís determination to be himself, no matter what other people think.  I also liked his uncertainty about Rhys, which made for some amusing moments.  Rhys is a great match for Micky, willing to try new things and take a risk to get what he wants.  Alex Dravenís interesting (British, I think) slang also makes this entertaining for all the non-British readers out there.  If youíre in the mood for something sweet, hot, and unexpected, pick up Favor


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