Faun of a Time by Jade Buchanan
Rookery Cove
Changeling Press
Gay Paranormal
ISBN: 978-1-59596-831-9
Reviewed by Cassie



Mitch Whelan is one incredibly grumpy werewolf.  He’s in the middle of an experiment involving pixies at his Rookery Cove lab when one escapes, and he’s forced to go on a pixie hunt.  His annoyance lessens considerably, however, when he meets a sweet, attractive faun in the forest.

Faun Corin Rόg lives and works in the forests on the island.  He doesn’t know much about humans or their ways, but as soon as he meets Mitch he knows he wants the other man.  Can a sheltered faun and a grumpy werewolf scientist have a future together?

Faun of a Time is both amusing and hot.  Mitch’s crabby, bossy ways made me laugh.  Corin’s curiosity and sweetness made him the perfect match for Mitch.  Watching these two very different men come together was a lot of fun.  If you’re in the mood for a lighthearted paranormal story with unusual heroes, pick up Faun of a Time.


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