Farr Anderson Lane by Kathleen Dale
Torquere Press
Lesbian Romance
ISBN: 1-933389-09-5
Reviewed by Cassie



Rachel has decided to start an online journal just as a lot is going on in her life.  Her band is playing regular gigs, her part-time job as a waitress is driving her crazy, and she’s just found out her ex-girlfriend is pregnant with her husband’s baby.  All in all, life isn’t too great, at least until she goes into a bookstore and meets Diane.  She really likes the pretty, sweet older woman, but will Diane feel the same about her?

Diane has been divorced from her controlling ex-husband for several years now, and she’s happier for it.  She’s recently realized she’s bisexual, and when she meets Rachel she’s very attracted.  She can hardly believe that a young, pretty woman like Rachel might like her too.  Will Diane get the courage to go after what she wants?

Farr Anderson Lane was an interesting mix of epistolary novel and regular prose.  Both Diane and Rachel expressed many of their thoughts, feelings, and hopes via their online journals, while normal storytelling made up the bulk of the book.  Both Rachel and Diane were likeable, realistic characters.  Diane’s curvy figure, slightly graying hair, and tendency to be a bit of a mother hen made her especially realistic.  The younger, more flighty and artistic Rachel was a good “opposites attract” match for Diane.  I enjoyed the slow, steady progression of their relationship.  There was no rushing into bed for these two, and their coming together at last was all the sweeter because of it.  The love scenes were well-written and emotional.  Overall, the only real complaint I have about this book was that there wasn’t much conflict.  The early conflicts were believable and interesting, but in the second half there weren’t really any conflicts at all.  I didn’t expect an angst-fest, but the lack of conflict made the second half of the story less engaging than the first half.  Still, Farr Anderson Lane is a sweet tale of two very different women finding love and family. 


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