Eyes Like A Wolf by Evangeline Anderson
Loose Id
Erotic Paranormal Romance
ISBN 978-1-59632-506-7
Reviewed by Nannette



Rachel Kemet was seven years old when her mother took her away from her father and beloved adopted brother Richard.  Many years later, Rachel is reunited with Richard when, as an assistant district attorney, she is called to investigate a crime that Richard is a suspect in.  A man was murdered and his throat was torn open.

Richard and Rachel were bonded together when they were children as part of their Amon-kai heritage.  The Amon-kai are a breed of people where the males are part wolf.  Richard wants to claim his mate, but Rachel doesnít remember anything about the teachings of their people.  Rachel sees Richard as her brother, and she is engaged to another man.  By not accepting Richard, their hearts are not the only things at risk though; their lives are in danger as well.

Eyes Like A Wolf explores the unique relationship between Richard and Rachel.  Incest is strongly implied, and there is sex between Rachel and Richard while he is in full wolf form as well.  Although they share a familial bond, Rachel and Richard share an even stronger mate bond.  Evangeline Anderson does an excellent job portraying all aspects of their relationship.  The sex scenes are incredibly hot and the romance is spiced with action.  Rachelís and Richardís relationship felt not only acceptable to me, but right.  I thought Rachel could have handled things better between her and her fiancť, but Richardís intense sexuality kept wiping my mind clear of anything but him.  While Eyes Like A Wolf may not be a traditional love story, I found it to be a moving, highly erotic and extraordinary one.


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