Eye of the Storm by Samantha Storm
New Concepts Publishing
ISBN: 1-58608-928-5
Reviewed by Tanya



Katlin has some mental gifts—she can sense power plays by others and help keep negotiations on a level playing field.  She knows she is not powerful, not like her brother or father, but is happy to be working now.  When her father died, she had to take over the care of not only her mother but the family home etc.  She finally seems to have that situation under control and now can do some work she finds rewarding.

Something has gone drastically wrong on her first job.  A power void almost takes her and the others in the negotiations out.  When they escape the void as well as the building, due to someone else pulling the fire alarm, she is placed in more danger.  She helps a man pick up the papers that have fallen out of his briefcase, and when the car behind him blows up, she is suddenly seeing his entire life.  She is not supposed to be able to be a “carrier” for power and thoughts but this appears to be what happened. 

Ryker is what some would call a rogue, or a private bodyguard.  He was supposed to be protecting Halster, and while the man is one giant nut case, insistent on driving Ryker nuts, a job is a job.  When it becomes obvious that something has passed from Halster to Katlin on his death, she is in danger.  Now Katlin is on the run. Her only friend seems to be Ryker, and she knows he is only in it until she can pass on the information that was passed to her to the highest bidder.  But she is hoping that with time, and if they both live, he will come to care for her as she does him and they will not only “tear the sheets up” but will spend their life together.

I found Eye of the Storm to be a compelling and nail-biting story.  I was rooting for Katlin and hoping Ryker would come to care for her as much as I did.  Ms. Storm did a wonderful job in creating a world that felt possible as well as making me think about the differences in people.  I liked the mix of the two different people both on the path to the same thing, while they don’t really believe it, or each other.  Eye of the Storm was a thoroughly engaging read.


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