Eye of the Beholder by DJ Manly
Loose Id M/M Contemporary
ISBN: 978-1-59632-347-6
Reviewed by Ley


Danny Verdi is what everyone believes a male model is supposed to be - beautiful, shallow and brainless.  Frank Molina, once a well known fashion photographer now lives in seclusion in Italy hiding behind the scars of his disfigured face.  As a favor for a friend who happens to be Danny's agent, Frank agrees to take on a new photo shoot that will bring Danny to Italy for month. During that month alone together they realize there is more to each other than the eye can see.

I loved this story.  D. J. Manly's Eye of the Beholder told a very modern tale of beauty and the beast with really hot sex.  As with the fairy tale I was left with the thought of what determines beauty. Danny was beautiful and sexy but he was also jaded from being in a business were he had to worry about keeping that beauty. Frank on the other hand, he drew me in from the start-not out of pity or sorrow because of his scars, but more so for his strength to overcome his tragedy.  I loved his patience with Danny and the way he opened up to him allowing him to see past his scars.  Beauty and love is all in the Eye of the Beholder.


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