Enchanted Reunion by Susan Lyons
The Wild Rose Press
Contemporary Romance
Reviewed by Katherine



Alison couldn’t believe how much time had passed since she was the plain, overweight girl that she had been in high school.  In college, she had gotten into shape, and now owned a small chain of fitness centers.  She truly didn’t want to be superficial for the reunion, but couldn’t resist the twinge of excitement that maybe she would be able to turn the head of the boy she’d had a high school crush on.

Arriving at the Milford High Grand Reunion, Alison was thrilled to see friends that she’d lost touch with.  She was even more surprised by her good friend Willy, who had turned from a geeky buddy to a hunk.

I was looking forward to the “used to be best friends” story of Enchanted Reunion, but was a little disappointed.  The characters were a bit one-dimensional, and the story was predictable.  However, I did find Ms. Lyons was good at scene and setting description and developing a realistic background story, so I plan on revisiting this author.


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