Egyptian Voyage by TJ Michaels
Torrid Tarot
Ellora's Cave
ISBN: 9781419912191
Reviewed by Nellie



Chrysalyn Geyer is on a forced vacation. To hammer the nail on the coffin, itís aboard a ship for the whole three months. Having two failed relationships under her belt, work was the only thing that kept her going. On the ship she meets a mysterious gentleman, someone she does not mind getting better acquainted with. But the stranger has dark intentions for Chrysalyn. Unbeknownst to Chrysalyn, Rahn Benson, a fellow agent has been sent to protect her. Chrysalyn is the mission as dead bodies of women appear at every port that their ship anchors. It becomes a race for Rahn to protect his soul mate as the killer decides that Chrysalyn is meant to live with him for eternity.

Egyptian Voyage was a well written story with some surprises. I loved the almost death experience and the culmination that finally led to the killer finally getting caught. The only wrinkle for me was understanding and visualizing the spirit guides with their powers and the harem of porcelain artifacts that was leading the main characters into their different paths.


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