Edge of Sanity Book 3 by Jenna Byrnes
Freyaís Bower
Reviewed by Indy



Trying to get to the bottom of what is happening with Joss and who might be behind the issues at her new home, Jake goes on a fact finding mission. First stop of course is the lawyer in charge of Jossí fatherís will. Hopefully there will be some clues that will steer Jake in the right direction. Deciding to spend some time away from her place, Jake and Joss get to know each other better at his home which only toughens the already strong connection they have. Jake is sure there is something sinister at play here and his suspicions are confirmed when Joss takes a turn for the worse after spending time alone in the house that seems to be the root of her manic episodes.

Just when you think Joss is sane and there is something sinister happening she loses it and you start to wonder, hum maybe she is just plain crazy? Of course our hero in uniform is there ready to save her like all good shining knights. Iím really ready to see how this story will play out, Edge of Sanity Book 3 really works on showing how close Jake and Joss have become and how their feelings are much more than a professional one. Jenna Byrnes, your readers are waiting. Canít wait to see what you have in store for us next


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