Edge of Sanity: Book 2 by Jenna Byrnes
Freya’s Bower
Paranormal, Contemporary
Reviewed by Indy



Things are just as crazy at Joss’ home but this time instead of dealing with things that go bump in the night by herself she know has a friend in Jake, the detective in charge of her case. She immediately takes Jake up on his offer to spend the weekend at her home so he can see first hand what she’s been dealing with. Jake is still sure she’s just a little loony but that doesn’t stop his body from wanting her the more time they spend together. Jake finds out first hand what Joss has had to deal with when her “ghosts” come for a visit while he’s there. He and Joss will have to put their growing appeal for each other to the side for a moment while they do a little detective work to see if there are really ghosts in her home or is something else is going on in her father’s old home.

Edge of Sanity, Book 2 continues where its predecessor left off, right smack dab in the middle of a ghostly concert that leaves Jake with a headache out of this world. As these two investigate what is really happening in Joss’s new home, Jakes decides to throw caution to the wind and really get up close and personal with his “partner.” Jenna Byrnes’s paranormal story is turning into a mystery, it seems, as it evolves with more and more unknowns surrounding this old home. I’m still undecided on if I like the serial aspect of this story, I must admit to being a creature of now and I really would like to know what is in story for the detective and Joss. Well until the next time!


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