Dragonkeepers by Mike Shade
Gay, Fantasy
ISBN: 978-1-60370-175-4, 1-60370-175-3
Reviewed by Raine



Sord, Dragonkeeper of Rafon, leaves his city of Riokonnon, in the mountains, to go in search of Rafonís son Gerri. Gerri disappeared off the mountain and isnít answering their dragon calls. Sord must travel down into Tazeen, the city below, to find him and rescue him if necessary. Once there, he discovers Gerri has found Kell, the dragonkeeper meant for him, and they are hiding out in the catacomb corridors. Sord must devise a plan to get them safely back into the mountains without any of them being captured and held prisoner or killed.

I loved Dragonkeepers, it was a phenomenal fantasy book to lose myself in. The dragons as well as the men are well-rounded characters. The romance Mike Shade weaves in is subtle in the beginning as the men get to know one another. Then itís like a flash fire. What an extraordinary book to read when your heart and soul needs a lift.


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