Discovering Jenna by Kim Watters
The Wild Rose Press
Contemporary Romance
Reviewed by Katherine



Jenna Winslow enjoyed being able to go to the museum.  It allowed her time to visit with her fatherís work.  Derrick Winslow had discovered the stegosaurus that was on display, and that same dinosaur was the inspiration for the childrenís books that she wrote.

It was during one of those visits that Jenna met Matt McCutcheon.  At first, his comments made him appear to be a bit of a grouch.   However as each week passed, Matt also showed up.  Jenna was unnerved by how much she anticipated this strangerís arrival, but Matt quickly set her at ease.  His body might be confined to a wheelchair, but his attitude definitely wasnít. 

Discovering Jenna was a very enjoyable story.  In fact, of all the short stories Iíve recently read, it is the most satisfying.  It felt complete, had well developed characters, and a finely crafted storyline.  I eagerly anticipate more stories by this author.


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