Demon’s Captive by Stephanie Snow
Loose Id
BDSM/Science Fiction/Futuristic
ISBN: 978-1-59632-556-2
Reviewed by Indy



Earth has been destroyed and Charity is left without any friends or family. Finally tired from evading capture by one of the alien’s most brutal of soldiers, she awaits the death she knows will come with her capture and possible torture. Realizing that instant death is not her future but being the torture slave of a brutish alien, one whose dreaded techniques are renowned by even his own people sends Charity into a panic that leaves her shamed by her emotional response. Melmanon had nothing but death in his mind prior to capturing the puny human who caused his warrior to doubt his continued prowess on the fields of war. He is surprised by how weak Charity really is and how her fear makes her "the perfect submissive" to pass time with as he’s become bored with the lack of competition in the worlds they’ve invaded, At his hands Charity will know pleasure she’s never experienced before but also fear as her new Master tutors her on what he expects.

This story spoke to the darker side of my pleasure genes, an at times brutal Master and a woman who, in her ability to accept her circumstances, showed more courage than she gave herself credit for. Demon’s Captive is definitely not for those looking for subtle seduction. Melmanon was a character who grew on you because in all his fierceness he was still vulnerable to his emotions. Stephanie Snow was superb in her ability to show how an alien given to merciless still had the ability to care, connect and best of all change. One of the best parts to this story was Ms. Snow’s willingness to toe the line in the behavior between Charity and Melmanon, to force the reader to decide if love was truly possible between two beings who started their relationship on such tenuous beginnings. 


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