Darrenís Surprise by Jade Buchanan
The Prideland Series: Book 1(follows The Felidae Series)
M/M, Paranormal
ISBN (13): 978-1-59596-720-6
Reviewed by Raine



Darren Coleman had gone to the family cabin in search of his missing brother Aaron. Long after the search had been called off Darren has remained at the cabin hoping to find some clue as to where his brother was. Now a month later

Aaron shows up with a wild story and Durai, the catman he thought was only a figment of his dreams.

Darrenís Surprise continues where Jade Buchananís Felidae Series left off. You canít help but love Darren and Durai is the kind of guy whoíd melt your world with words. When they meet, itís electric. The verbal foreplay and impassioned sex will warm your body and set your heart aflutter!


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