Darelle's Trinity by Sedonia Guillone
Heart of a Vampire, Book 1
Ellora's Cave
Historical, Vampire, Ménage
ISBN: 9781419909917
Reviewed by Delia



1348, is a dark time in France. The Plague is sweeping through Europe and thousands are perishing. Darelle has an escape. She has a dream lover. During the past year, he has invaded her mind and her body, bringing her such ecstasy as no unmarried young woman should know. Is she damned, impure, a devil's plaything?   She is none of those. She has been chosen by a darkly handsome vampire to be his for eternity.

The plague, or le peste, sweeps through Darelle's village, leaving her family dead and her dying. This is not acceptable to Valmont Lascaux, her dream lover. He takes Darelle to his castle where he brings her over. But to his surprise, Darelle becomes a Les Coeurs Éternels. Her heart still beats, she still has her soul, and daylight doesn't harm her.

Twins Gareth and Kane Princelli are Les Coeurs Éternels Guardians. It is their job to protect Darelle and to fulfill all her desires. For Darelle is also prophesied to be the new priestess of their clan. Darelle is thrust into a world she never knew existed, with unimaginable carnal delights bestowed on her by her twin guardians. The brothers know that Lascaux's fixation with Darelle will not allow him to give her up easily. They will have the fight of their long lives to keep her with them forever.

Darelle's Trinityhas passion and tenderness as well as unconditional and unconventional love. I don't read many books in the historical genre, but I had read this author previously.  I was not disappointed.   Sedonia Guillone's characters have depth, sensitivity, and are very sensual.  The chemistry between the three is at times erotic and achingly tender.   The time period was woven throughout the story but in no way distracted me from the relationships of the characters. I will have to check out her other historicals. If they are as good as Darelle's Trinity, I know I won't be disappointed by them either.


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