Crushed by J. M. Snyder
Amber Allure
Gay Contemporary
ISBN: 978-1-60272-146-3 (Electronic)
ISBN: 978-1-60272-963-6 (Paperback)
Reviewed by Ley



Nathan Gayle was looking for more than casual dating and hookups. He was getting tired of his friends and coworkers, Tom and Cindy fixing him up with just anyone as long as he was gay. Nathan had standards, and those standards turned out to be an old high school classmate, Wes Roberts, the last person Nathan expected to see at Tom and Cindy's party. Wes changed from that short pudgy awkward kid, whom Nathan spent a very memorable prom night with back in high school, to a well built gorgeous man with whom he would love to relive that night with again.

Wes was just as shocked to see Nathan, he's had a crush on him since Nathan was freshman and he was a junior in high school. Seeing Nathan again and knowing he wanted to rekindle what began so long ago on prom night was a dream come true for Wes. He was so willing to give Nathan what he wanted if not for one major obstacle, his alcoholic boyfriend Roger.

I really enjoyed this story. There was so much to Crushed I liked, such as the quirkiness of the characters, especially Cindy with her meddlesome and bubbly personality. Wes and Nathan's interactions were fun to read, not only their out loud dialogue, but also their internal conversations and comments. Some of their expressions and actions made me laugh out loud. Finding Nathan again was just what Wes needed, to face up to his codependent relationship with Roger, whom I found to be one creepy character.


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