Compulsion by Cassandra Curtis
Amber Heat
Contemporary, Exhibitionism, Public Places
ISBN 13: 978-1-60272-003-9
Reviewed by Raine



Lindsay Dannon has an imagination that would make most people squirm. For the last two years she’s lusted for her boss. She imagines stripping his suit from him and taking him over the conference table with the door cracked tempting fate for someone to find them. Jack Randolph, her boss, is more or less having the same daydreams and would like to make some of them come true. And he seems more than willing to help her out by fulfilling the wildest exhibitions of her dreams.

While Lindsay daydreams are wildly hot, when Jack steps in to make them reality their axis tips making their world unbalanced. Compulsion is an awesome story of two people who admire from afar and come together. I loved Cassandra Curtis’ lava hot story Compulsion, it exuded sex with romance. 


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