Chrysanthemum by Anny Cook
Ellora's Cave
Light Bondage / Fantasy
ISBN: 9781419911101
Reviewed by Jambrea


This is the story of Gareth the youngest son of King Arthur, but this is not the tale that most are familiar with.  This King Arthur is not from Earth, but he did visit there.  King Arthur is trying to marry Gareth off, but this could be a difficult task because Gareth must marry a virgin.


Chrysanthemumís father works for King Arthur and he has asked for permission to bring her and her two sisters to court in hopes of marrying them off. 


King Arthur is captured by The Blue Knight and is being ransomed for a virgin.  Gareth and Chrysanthemum must journey to save the king before the kingdom falls.  Will they make it in time?


I thought that Chrysanthemum was a unique take on the legend of King Arthur.  Anny Cook teased me by starting off with Arthurís legend, but she doesnít really go in depth on the tales of King Arthur because this story is about Chrysanthemum and Gareth.  I really like how Ms. Cook has obstacles for the main characters to overcome.  It made for an interesting and intriguing story.  I donít think you can have a story with King Arthur and not have any action.  I think the best part of the story is Percival the dragon, but who doesnít love a cranky dragon.  Chrysanthemum is a wonderful fairy tale brought to life and I canít wait to read about her sisters.


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