Christmas on Parole by Stacy Dawn
The Wild Rose Press
Contemporary Romance
Reviewed by Katherine



Spending time on a beach, basking in the sunshine, and watching pretty women in bikinis was what Deke Halls was anticipating while he spent Christmas with his family.  Mutilating a reindeer monument, being arrested, and convicted in a basketball court really wasn’t something he had planned on.

But he had been speeding, and he did have the accident.  As if that wasn’t enough, he’d done it in the town of Noelle, Alberta where they took the Christmas season very seriously.  So now he was stuck in Noelle for the holidays, serving his parole.

Laney McGovern had had her share of cowboy truckers.  They thought they could come into town, run over anything, and skip out without any consequences.  Well, she was Judge of Noelle, and she was not going to allow Deke to not have any consequences to his cavalier behavior.  He would need to work a day for each of the families descended from the town founders.

Laney also decided she would need to check up on him, as part of her judicial duties.  She had no doubt that he would try to weasel out of as much work as possible.  But as the days passed, Laney realized that not only had she severely misjudged Deke, she was also starting to have feelings for him.  Yet with her position, and her treatment of him, Laney feared that there was little chance that he would be open to any type of relationship with her.

The dedication for Christmas on Parole, is for readers wanting more stories from Noelle, Alberta.  As one of those readers, I can say that I was thrilled to learn about this story and eager to read it.  I thoroughly enjoyed Christmas on Parole.  It was well developed, had a great cast of characters, and I adored the hero and heroine.  I was entertained with watching Deke as he had to work off his parole, and I was moved as Laney had to look inside herself and realize why she had treated Deke as she had.  Although this story follows Reindeer Games, it stands alone, but those who did read it will enjoy revisiting with several familiar characters.  Let me be the first to say that I now want a third visit to Noelle.


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