Chosen by Sean Michael
Sequel to Need
Torquere Press
Gay Vampire
ISBN: 978-1-60370-185-3, 1-60370-185-0
Reviewed by Cassie



Now that Trick has asked Bast to feed only from him, things have changed between the two of them.  What was once only for sex and fun has become something deeper.  Things will be very different now that Trick is Bastís Chosen, but will everyone be able to accept the changes?

Chosen continues Trick and Bastís story in much the same vein as Need.  I enjoyed the deeper emotion between Trick and Bast, and the sex scenes are incredibly hot.  The concept of a vampireís ďChosenĒ is very interesting, and I liked the conflict with Bastís friends over his relationship with Trick.  I was curious about what happened to these two after the first one, especially as Trick ages but Bast does not, and Sean Michael ties their story up with a satisfying ending.  My only complaint was that the emphasis in this tale often seemed to be on the sex, which while it was well done and often emotional, did get to be a bit much.  I would have liked to see more conversation and other interaction between Trick and Bast.  Still, this story is well-written, and if you wondered what happened to Trick and Bast after Need, youíll definitely want to pick up Chosen


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