Charmed by Koko Brown
Elloraís Cave
ISBN: 9781419912771
Reviewed by Indy



covers of GQ. Waking up to find out her dream lover is real is shocking enough but finding out this impossibly good looking man is her new husband sent her on an emotional tailspin. Of course she should have realized only a crazy would marry a woman like her and Tristan proves her point when he starts claiming to be a vampire. Chloe didnít build a multi-million dollar business by being stupid; realizing she needed to cut her losses while still ahead she figures the best thing is to end this farce of a marriage before her husband comes to his senses and realizes he can have someone with a much better body than hers. Tristan isnít as willing to give up on the woman heís waited hundreds of years for, no matter what he will have Chloe by his side for eternity.

I was hoping that the cover of this story was just a prelude to what I could expect from this freshman effort from a new author on the e-publishing scene. Charmed lived up to its name from the beginning. With a feisty full figured heroine who was as vulnerable as she was strong and her gorgeous hunk of a husband who had to work overtime to get his mate to see what he knew from first glance: that they were more than meant to be together! Koko Brown did a great job of adding a nice blend of humor, drama and plenty of electrifying rendezvous.  Good start for a new author and I hope this is only the beginning of what we can expect.


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