Candy For Valentine by Michele Bardsley
Changeling Press
Vampire Kisses
Paranormal, BDSM
ISBN: 978-1-59596-617-9
Reviewed by Jambrea



Valentine Carter is the owner and operator of an online review site.  She is attending a reader’s conference for the first time and finds out she isn’t as well liked as she’d hoped.  Her name is like a poison and as soon as she introduces herself she is given the cold shoulder.

Michael Sanderson is a publicist attending the same conference as Valentine to help promote his long time friend.

In a case of mistaken identity Michael and Valentine meet.  Can Valentine get past Michael’s secret?  Is she woman enough to handle all that Michael has to offer?  Will Michael believe that Valentine is strong enough to handle all his needs?

I LOVED Candy for Valentine.  Michael and Valentine were meant for each other.  Michele Bardsley’s characters are so likeable and she has a way of making you feel for her characters.  Ms. Bardsley’s work has humor thread through out and I really enjoy a book that can make me laugh.  Candy for Valentine was a sexy, funny read and I’m glad I was a long for the ride.


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