By The Blue Moon by Debi Wilder
Blue Moon Magic, Book 1
Loose Id
Erotic Werewolf Romance
ISBN 978-1-59632-536-4
Reviewed by Nannette



Chastity Langford is the eldest daughter of Charles Langford, leader of the Elite clan.  Chastity was promised to Justin Matthew Sinclair as his lifemate.  When Justin receives the call to come for Chastity, he is more than eager to claim her.

Chastity is going into heat.  Although she is strongly attracted to Justin, he infuriates her as well.  Chastity is not aware that her family and Justinís are part of a wolfen society.  Justin must teach and train his she-wolf to accept their mating.

The Betas are another clan that want to claim Chastity and her two sisters for themselves.  Their enemies are moving in as the mating ceremony is getting closer.

By The Blue Moon has an exciting and very sexual storyline.  Because it is setting up the next two books in the series, though there is a lot going on, the details of this story felt rushed to me.  Although the sex was hot most of the time, there are times when itís overdone, especially when Chastityís father gives input about their sex life.  Chastity also goes from ice cold to hot in a flash with Justin.  While By The Blue Moon does have an interesting plot, I didnít find it to be a gripping or sensual story.


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