Building Passion by Jane Bierce
Contemporary romance
Electronic ISBN: 1-58749-556-2,
Print ISBN: 1-58749-595-3
Reviewed by Scarlet



A woman running the family construction business, while attempting to raise two younger siblings gets a chance at love when an angry resort owner confronts her.  Jacqui Belpre has enough on her plate with keeping the construction business left to them in the black until her brother Kyle is old enough to take over.  Meanwhile Kyle has met a girl he is smitten with, young Alaine Warden, who is rebelling against her brother’s iron fist by dating a guy from the wrong side of the tracks.  Things go from uncomfortable to unbearable when the brother in question, sexy resort owner Christopher Warden, confronts Jacqui about getting her brother away from his sister.  Further compounding the attraction these two strong and responsible adults feel is the fact that Jacqui’s company is the only one to submit a bid for the expansion of Christopher’s resort.  The close working environment enhances the attraction Jacqui and Chris feel, but will either bend enough to admit to needing the other?

Building Passion is a character driven story of love and family that will touch a few hearts in the process. Chris is a strong and undeniably attractive hero who won my heart from the beginning. He is struggling to be the big brother and father figure Alaine needs in her life right now. He is at his wit’s end with the responsibilities of caring for a much younger sister and is further perplexed by the sudden and inexplicable attraction to Jacqui. She, of course is a smart and admirable woman, dedicated to her family and the legacy left by their parents.  Her dedication to family is the driving force behind putting her life on hold in order to provide a stable home and business for her siblings.  She is every woman who is selfless in the face of adversity. The strong family unit of Jacqui, Kyle and Janice is a fine representation for Christopher and Alaine to witness, leading them to a better relationship through example. The romantic undertones are subtle at first, building with a natural progression toward love and happily ever after. The realistic and well-researched descriptions penned by author Jane Bierce allow the readers to glimpse another aspect of the building trade. Building Passion is a book I will gladly purchase for friends who love a great story about home and family, and falling in love.


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