Brindisi Bedfellows by Jamie Craig
Liquid Silver Books
Gay Contemporary
ISBN: 978-1-59578-380-6
Reviewed by Cassie



Christian Davis can’t believe it.  On the eve of a long-anticipated holiday in Italy, his boyfriend of nearly a year, Andrew, has decided to go back to his ex-wife.  Christian is drowning his sorrows at a pub when Andrew’s best friend Trip Watson shows up.  Trip is angry about Andrew taking his ex-wife back too, and together they hatch a drunken plan to get back at Andrew—Christian will still go to Italy, only with Trip instead of Andrew.  While in Italy, Christian discovers that Trip is a lot different than Christian thought.  They find they like each other a great deal more than they expected.  Trip is keeping a secret about his relationship with Andrew, though.  Will Christian and Trip be able to continue their relationship once their Italian holiday is over, and Trip’s secret is out?

Brindisi Bedfellows began with a deception and a seemingly rather unlikable hero (Trip), making me wonder if I would like it, but as the story continued I was thoroughly drawn in.  I sympathized with Christian’s heartbreak and anger from the beginning, and his alternating happiness and turmoil as his relationship with Trip changed were believable.  Trip initially seemed a bit self-serving, yet he quickly proved to be generous, caring, and somewhat insecure.  His hidden depths made him a character I could easily root for.  The love scenes were both hot and emotional, especially as they realized their feelings for each other were deepening.  I also enjoyed the descriptions of various locations in Italy.  In short, with a storyline that is both hot and emotional and a sweetly satisfying ending, Brindisi Bedfellows is a great read!


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