Boundless by Annie Dean, Bonnie Dee & Dionne Galace
Liquid Silver Books
Fantasy Romance Anthology
ISBN: 978-1-59578-374-5
Reviewed by Jambrea



Seven Days by Annie Dean

Teresa is readying herself to pledge her life to the church.  Her final vows are only days away when Dev is sent to tempt her into giving up her soul.  He only has seven days to seduce Teresa into giving herself to him body and soul. If Dev can’t get Teresa to forfeit her soul he’ll be bound to hell for all eternity.

If I had to use one word to describe Seven Days, it would be beautiful.  Annie Dean has a way of tugging at your heart strings.  I really felt what Teresa and Dev were going through and I liked the tug of war between good and evil, heaven and hell, and ultimately woman and man.  Ms. Dean had me rooting for evil to win.


The Straw Man by Bonnie Dee

Marie is so lonely that she has taken up talking to her scarecrow.  She decides to make a Halloween wish to have the perfect man for one night to ease her loneliness.  Her wish is granted, but will one night be enough?

I enjoyed The Straw Man, but Marie believing the man on her door step is the man she wished for was a little hard for me to take especially since she jumps right into bed with him.  The sex was off the charts hot and Bonnie Dee left the story on a sweet note which was a big plus for me.  I think I might have liked this story a little better if it was in full length form and the story had more time to grow.  I would definitely try another of Ms. Dee’s books.  


Waking Kitty by Dionne Galace

Jack Ridley is a skeptic working for a segment on the news that debunks paranormal activity live on TV and Kitty Jones seems to be in the middle of the recent rash of the unexplainable around Chicago.  Can Jack overcome his skeptic nature to give Kitty a chance?

Do you ever have one of those books you pick up and you hope you’re going to love it or even just like it a little?  That is what happened to me and Waking Kitty.  I really wanted to like it and I DID!  I LOVED Kitty and Jack.  Dionne Galace has a way with words and this story flowed wonderfully.  I loved the relationship between Kitty and Jack.  Jack is a tough guy, but Ms. Galace made him tender with out turning him into a wimp.  As for Kitty you can feel her confusion and pain jumping off the page and you just want to help her any way you can.  The ending just made me love Jack even more.  This story is a must read.


Boundless is a wonderful anthology and well worth the read.  It starts off beautifully with a little mindless sex in between and ends with a bang.


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