Blue Collar by Mychael Black, Laney Cairo, Jay Lygon and Angelia Sparrow
Torquere Press
Erotic M/M Contemporary Anthology
Reviewed by Nannette



Coming Off The Road by Mychael Black

Isiah Forbes is a trucker whoís on the road a lot.  Heís back for two weeks, and his lover, Kelly Wilson, canít wait to get home to start making up for lost time.

Isiah and Kelly are two very sexy and loving men.  Isiahís dark skin combined with Kellyís light, are as hot together as what they do in bed.  Coming Off The Road is a very hot and tender story.


Classic by Laney Cairo

When a stranger comes to Treyís shop to have him check out his motorcycle, Trey does a full inspection, starting with the stranger. 

Classic is a steamy fantasy come to life. Itís actually better than a fantasy, because the hot stranger sticks around!


Riding Off Into The Sunset by Jay Lygon

Tim is a drummer.  Heís on his way to a gig when his car breaks down.  Raymond drives up and offers his assistance, but leaves afterwards.  Tim canít stop thinking about the cowboy though, so when he spies a cowboy hat in the crowd after his gig, he wonders if his luck has changed for the better.

Riding Off Into The Sunset is fun and sweet.  Tim is adorable and Raymond is a good guy.  They have some seriously hot sex together too!


Hot Load by Angelia Sparrow

Glenn pulls in to a rest stop and sees one of the pirate trucks that are becoming familiar on the road lately.  John, the driver of said truck, is sexy as sin.  When Glennís truck is stolen while heĎs in Johnís truck, John offers him more than another night in his cab.

Hot Load Ė A title that bold has a lot to live up to, and this story is as good as its name!  John is a little dominant and Glenn is a little submissive, Iím sure these two will be steaming up the windows of Johnís truck at every rest stop! 


Blue Collar is four stories of sinfully sizzling sex with a twist of romance!  Itís great!


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