Beneath the Surface by Marie Rochelle
Red Rose Publishing
ISBN: 978-1-60435-031-9
Reviewed by Nellie


Pierce McMahon was forced into isolation due to his facial scars. Living out in the outskirts of the town, Pierce learned to live with the revulsion and disgust on people’s faces and names given to him by both adults and children when they saw his face. This made him weary of people and a hermit. Constantly covering his face as a defensive mechanism, his company included a bossy sister and the boy who delivered his groceries. When a beautiful woman knocks on his door, he has no choice but slam the door right in her face. Rynne Slater was known for her persistence and stubbornness and during her vacation, she was making Pierce McMahon her mission. Her onslaught finally led Pierce to open up. Due to their relationship, they weathered the storm caused by the objection of both family and friends, but Rynne’s insecurities threatened to pull them apart. But alas fate plays a hand in their relationship, as a stalker who’s after the Slater family targets Rynne, but the nail in the coffin comes from the revelation of her secret.

A common trait in the stories of this author is one major character lies by omission. In Beneath the Surface, a lie becomes the pivotal point in the story because disagreements arise based on it. There were too many indecisive moments by the main characters but the plot was well thought out with a bit of suspense and surprises. I liked the way many situations were portrayed in the story. As well, there was a realistic approach to family disapproval by those involved in inter-racial relationship.


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