Been There, Bit That by Marly Chance
Ellora’s Cave
Contemporary/Vampire Romance/ménage
ISBN: 9781419913310
Reviewed by Tanya



Tamara has walked away from vampire politics in the past and now has a successful career as an artist.  She still keeps in touch with her vampire friends, but she does what she needs to to stay away from the high politics.  Then comes the summons. Due to the fact that she is a vampire who can channel the powers of others, she has been summoned to the High Council.  She is told that she is to become a power lock, part of a triad, with two men she has known for years.  The need for their triad is to help restore the power imbalance in the USA’s vampire structure, due to the West Coast vampires forming their own illegal triad. The interesting thing is, to make this power lock, they have to all have sex together at the same time.  She is boxed into a corner and scared that if she doesn’t go through with it many innocent people will be hurt.  So she reluctantly agrees.  She is not worried about her buddy Marc, but the powerful Dominic has always elicited a different response in her.  She is afraid with him she will become soul bonded and that will be the end of her free will, especially as Dom is the leader of a large vampire family and very powerful.

Sparks fly and they get the job done, forming the triad.  Frighteningly, when confronted by the other triad, another unknown force makes itself known.  Will this force cause an unbalance in the power?  All three are concerned as they continue their lives, though Tamara finally agrees to let Dom date her and it will be interesting to see how things turn out.

Been There, Bit That takes a new, refreshing look at vampire society.  This one centers on politics and people’s feelings.  I enjoyed how the author drew the reader into the world of the politics as well as that of love and soul mates.  I enjoyed the interaction between Dominic and Marc as well as Tamara’s ivy philosophy.  If you are looking for a story about vampires with a bit of a different twist, Been There, Bit That is one you should enjoy.  I look forward to more stories in the genre by this author.


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