Bedrooms and Broomsticks by Cynthia Rayne
Ellora’s Cave
Genre: Paranormal
ISBN: 9781419912290
Reviewed by Gracie



Cayte Taylor is celebrating her thirtieth birthday and feeling a bit blah about her life.  Cayte received some interesting gifts: a familiar, a pink dildo, a naughty sex guide, and her family spell book.  After a few too many drinks, Cayte decides to combine her gifts and perform a little magic to spice up her life.  She performs a spell and things are about to change.

Beau, an incubus, has been summoned countless times, although when witches summon him they seldom offer themselves as payment for his services.  Beau feels something different about this woman.

Cayte is sure the sexy man in her living room is part of the dream she is having.  Beau cannot believe Cayte does not believe who he is, but he agrees to help her “catch” her boss, Tristan.  Beau believes the best way to help Cayte is to teach her the skills she needs to attract Tristan.  As they spend time together, their attraction grows and Tristan does not seem so appealing.  Beau knows there are rules governing his behavior, but Cayte makes him want to ignore the rules he has based his life on.  Will Beau help Cayte snag her man or has she actually found the man—or in this case demon—of her dreams?

Bedrooms and Broomsticks is a fun and sexy read!  Cayte is facing the realities of being thirty and not having her life quite as she planned or expected…she is ready for change and a bit of excitement.  Beau has always been satisfied with his life and he enjoyed being able to reap the rewards of his job.  Watching Cayte and Beau explore their attraction and chemistry is a great way to spend an evening and did I mention that it is very HOT!!  Cynthia Rayne is definitely going to be an author I will keep an eye on.


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