Bed of Lies by Pam Champagne
Samhain Publishing
ISBN: 1-59998-509-8
Reviewer: Erys



Ace Bear has a painful past in Spruce Harbor, so why does he think he can return to investigate a deadly drug ring?  Not only is the town prejudiced against him, but the woman he loved, the one who left him in jail for a crime he didnt commit, acts like he was the one whod done her wrong.

Brenna McKenzie is not happy to see her ex-lover.  The one who deserted her the minute his innocence had been proven.  When he offers to help her brother, she is forced to tolerate his presence.

When danger grows closer and several attempts are made on Brennas life, the past and present blur.  When her very life is in jeopardy, can she turn down the help of a man whod abandoned her, even if it sets her up for even more heartache?

Bed of Lies starts of with a bang and keeps going.  Although it slowed in the middle, it picked back up and finished with yet another bang.  I do enjoy mysteries I can figure out on my own instead of scratching my head going, where did that person come from? Pam Champagne does not disappoint with this romantic suspense.  My only complaint is that the hero kept his secret for too long.  Not only was it stupid of him, I didnt buy it.  However, even with that bugging me, the plot and my desire to see him triumph kept me reading, and Im glad I did.  I look forward to more from this talented author.


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