Beauty And The Geek by Roni Adams
The Wild Rose Press
Contemporary Romance
ISBN: 1-60154-159-7
Reviewed by Tanya



Louie has loved Becky since junior high, maybe even longer.  But she has never seen him as anything other than her “Nerdman” geeky friend.  Everyone else in the small town has known for years that Louie has had most of his heart set aside for Becky.  He has another secret. He made it big, millions big, during the dotcom surge.  He secretly buys the old mansion on the hill in hopes of restoring it and enticing Becky to look at him differently.  But things never go as planned and now Becky thinks Louie is just managing the restoration for Mr. Mystery.  What will happen when Mr. Mystery comes to town for the Valentines Day masquerade ball?

Becky has decided long ago to never get serious with a man.  In the end they will all just love you and leave you, as her father did before she was born.  She only trusts her best friend “Nerdman” as he has never wanted her body and is only interested in her friendship, or so she thinks.  She is drawn to Mr. Mystery, who has bought her dream house and is letting her help to redecorate it.  Will she finally see Louie for the man that he is?

I loved the premise of Beauty And The Geek, but found I didn’t love the book as much as the idea.  The main reason was that I found Becky to be a stuck-up, shallow, uncaring twit.  Even when she comes to her senses in the end, I am still not her fan. I thought it was too little, too late.  Now that I have vented, I do have to say that the story was well-written and kept me coming back to read more.  Also, to incite such a reaction from me about the lead character shows that the author made a character believable enough for me to get emotional about.  I think most people will thoroughly enjoy Beauty And The Geek but don’t be surprised if you want to strangle “the beauty”.


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