Bayou Summons by Missy Sue Hanson
Dark Eden Press
Genre: Paranormal
ISBN: DEP-MSH-BS-06-2007
Reviewed by Gracie



Summer Peters has come to Harvest, Louisiana to do research on magic.  Summer is attempting to prove that magic does not exist although secretly she hopes it does. Maybe that would help to explain the strange dreams she has been having.

Cayden Beauvais is minding his own business sitting on his favorite bench when he sees a beautiful woman literally jumping around like a crazy person.  He is intrigued by her and is very interested in getting to know more about her.  Cayden has lived in Harvest his whole life and knows quite a bit about magic…seeing how he is a warlock.  Cayden knows Summer is in town to look into magic and he is willing and eager to spend time with her, but he does not really plan on sharing too much on the topic of magic.

Summer instantly feels an affinity with Harvest and all its very interesting residents.  She is looking forward to getting to know more about everyone especially the very attractive Cayden.  Summer and Cayden are drawn to each other and the sexual pull between the two is overwhelming.  Cayden knows there is more to Summer than she is letting on and after witnessing one of her episodes; he plans to find out what it is.  Summer is a bit worried because now her “dreams” are happening during the day and this last one was so different from the others and why is she being warned about someone coming after her?  Cayden realizes that Summer’s problems are very serious and it may take more than he imagined to save the woman he has grown to care about.  Will Cayden and Summer be able to overcome the evil chasing Summer to find happiness?

I enjoyed Bayou Summons and Harvest seems like a very interesting place to visit.   Summer Peters is a beautiful woman who really does not understand the things that are happening to her.  Cayden Beauvais is sexy, a bit pushy, and more than willing to show Summer how special she truly is.  Missy Sue Hanson did a wonderful job creating Harvest and all its very interesting residents, and I was charmed by Bayou Summons.  There were a few typographical errors that were a bit distracting, but Bayou Summons is worth reading!  I will definitely be checking out more by Missy Sue Hanson!


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