Always On My Mind by Judith Rochelle
The Lotus Circle
Contemporary Suspense Fiction/ Some Psychic Abilities
ISBN: 9781419980220
Reviewed by Tanya



Faith is having writerís block while starting her latest thriller, but suddenly that is the least of her worries.  Mark Halloran is the boy she has known since she was six.  He is also the one who she knows she canít have, due to his job.  She is extremely surprised that he has contacted her after almost six months of silence.  The issue is that he has used their telepathic link that they discovered they had as kids.  Faith knows instantly she has to find a way to help Mark as she feels not only pain and despair but knows something has gone seriously wrong on one of Markís recent Black Ops missions.  Faith uses all of her connections as a writer and all of her resources to find Mark.  Will she be in time?

Mark is contacting Faith as he knows she is his only hope.  He only hopes that whoever betrayed this mission wonít also go after her, if she is able to find help.  He also regrets that he has let his job get in the way of them fulfilling their future, of being married.  If he makes it out alive, he hopes to persuade her to take the plunge with him.  But has his contacting Faith put her in more danger than even he is in?

Always on My Mind is an action-packed adventure that delves into the potential of psychic abilities, similar to those Kay Hooper writes. Rochelle has written about two very likeable characters and the determination of true love.  I found the story to be a gripping page turner and hope she continues with some of the other characters who were present in this story. I, for one, would love to see their adventures.  While psychic abilities are a key part of the story, they are not so over the top that you think they are impossible.  Add to that the super hot military men and you have a winner in Always on My Mind.


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