All Hellos by Michael Barnette
Shadowfire Press
Paranormal BBW(M/M/F)
Reviewed by Sabella



Iris’ weekend of all adult fun is not looking like it’s going to happen, what with her car breaking down in the middle of nowhere and her cell phone lying on top of her dresser back home.  But when two hunky men offer her a ride to her destination, Iris agrees only to discover that the hottest men she has seen in the longest time are hot for each other – no room for her in their relationship, is there?

Gabriel and Adrian have been searching for Iris for a long time, but now that they have finally found her they have bigger problems.  An evil presence is stalking Iris while Gabriel and Adrian must find a way to introduce Iris to the world of Immortals without shattering her mind.

Will Gabriel and Adrian manage to bring Iris into their world and keep her or will she spread her wings and fly away from them?

All Hellos is an entertaining, urban fantasy book that is jam-packed full of erotic moments with enough suspense woven through to keep the plot moving.  Iris is brimming full of sexuality and eager to explore new boundaries with Gabriel and Adrian as soon as she sets eyes on them.  Adrian and Gabriel have lots of secrets that involve Iris, but the attraction they feel for her is undeniable.  While Gabriel and Adrian struggle to hide parts of them that they would rather Iris not see they must keep an eye out for the evil that wants Iris for its own.  The plot is thin and the resolution felt rushed; however, the steamy moments are so good and plentiful that they more than make up for any of the book’s shortcomings.  All in all, All Hellos is a fun and raunchy read that will entertain you and take you away from reality.


*Note: This title was previously published.  It has been totally re-edited but has not undergone significant changes


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