A Taste of Revenge by Karen Erickson
The Wild Rose Press
Contemporary Romance
Reviewed by Tanya



Samantha Ellis is just plain mad.  She has just walked into her favorite restaurant to pick up a take out order and who does she see?  Her fiancé, who is lip locked with a blond bimbo.  She is stunned as their wedding is not even a month away. She breaks off the engagement on the spot.

Donovan Carter comes to her rescue when her ex-fiancé won’t let her leave the parking lot.  She is stunned to find out he is someone she went to high school with. And he owns her favorite restaurant.  But what stuns her most is he has turned into a hunk who makes all her senses stand up and take notice.  If she hooks up with him, will it be for revenge or more?

What would you do if you found your fiancé lip locked with a bimbo?  Well, for one you would hope you had a rescuer like Donovan in A Taste of Revenge.  Heck, most of us would love to have him without the disastrous breakup.  The author takes this fast-paced story and shows the reader how you know when it is right, and not revenge.  I was cheering for Samantha all the way, and I love how Donovan treats her as and that they have a history.  A Taste of Revenge is a great fast paced sexy story about getting what you really deserve in life.


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