A New Beginning by Landry Gaines
Amber Allure
ISBN: 978-1-60272-073-2
Reviewed by Ley


Brendan was determined to lose weight.  His boyfriend of five years was no longer attracted to him, so he needed to change himself to get Seth to love him again.  As Brendan work hard to reach his goal without much support from Seth, he has to decide if his relationship with Seth is worth saving or should he move on.

A New Beginning is a story many people can relate to, myself included.  Brendan was very aware of the extra weight he's put on, Seth's insensitive comments and behavior were not needed for Brendan to know he's lost interest.

Brendan's resolve to lose the weight and get himself back into shape was only met by indifference and non support from Seth. I liked this story and admired Brendan for not letting anything deter him from his goal even if his reason for achieving those goals may have changed.


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