A Meeting of Minds by Del Darcy
Torquere Press
Gay Contemporary
ISBN: 978-1-60370-136-5, 1-60370-136-2
Reviewed by Cassie



Ryan Bailey, a landscape architect, has been hired to help redesign the gardens of a villa turned museum.  He has to work with the gardener, Terry Jones, but Terry is totally against changing the gardens.  Ryan quickly discovers that he and Terry can have a great time together outside of work, but can he ever convince Terry they can work together on the garden too?

A Meeting of Minds is a fun love-hate relationship tale.  I loved the way Ryan cleverly (yet sincerely) got the very stubborn Terry to come around to his way of thinking.  The love scenes are hot, the characters are likeable, the conflict is realistic, and the ending is sweet.  A Meeting of Minds is a quick, enjoyable read that left me with a warm feeling. 


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