A Fairy Tail Ending by Kiernan Kelly
Fionn Oíthe Fae, Book 3
Torquere Press
Gay Contemporary / Fantasy
Reviewed by Cassie



Dylan Davenport loves old things.  Heís most at home in his little antique shop, where he goes to hide from his cold, dictatorial grandmother.  When he finds an unusual old book he doesnít remember buying, he eagerly opens it up. 

Fionn has been waiting for the book to be found once more.  Now that Dylan has it, Fionn is determined to manipulate Dylan into making the wish he wants.  Will they both get what they want, or is Fionn doomed to be cursed for eternity?

A Fairy Tail Ending is a wonderful ending to a fun Chaser series.  Fionn is just as tricky and manipulative as always, but in this installment he shows a sweeter, more caring side.  Dylan is a great match for Fionn.  Heís initially timid and almost helpless in the face of his grandmotherís domineering ways, but as the book progresses he becomes surer of himself.  I loved watching these two come together.  With humor, emotion, and hot sex, Kiernan Kelly has really outdone herself in A Fairy Tale Ending. 

*I strongly recommend reading the first two books in this series before reading this one! *


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