A Choice Between Two by Tressie Lockwood
Amira Press
Reviewed by Tanya



Five years ago, Lisa fell into the lap of Trace on a South Carolina beach.  Now after five years of loving him, and jet setting around the world, she has decided enough is enough.  She is moving to New York as it looks like Trace is never going to be willing to give her the family and loving marriage that she craves.

On her first day in New York she meets Justin, who is a handsome executive who works in the same office as she does.  He immediately falls in love with her and pursues her, even when she says her heart belongs to another.

Justin wants more from her than just a string of one-night stands.  But, is Trace really willing to let her go?  Will Lisa figure out what is really important to her in time to marry one of the men?

Do we all make good and bad choices in life?  In A Choice Between Two, Lisa seems to only be able to make bad choices.  But, the author does a good job in letting the reader understand why these choices are made, even if I disagree with most of them.  I found both of the leading men she had to choose from to be annoying, which might have explained the bad decisions.  Though the story did have super hot and erotic loves scenes, I was so annoyed with the characters that I cannot highly recommend this story.  Others might enjoy A Choice Between Two, but I found it to be so unreal that I couldn’t even put it into the fantasy category.


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