63 Miles to Shelby by Wil Rush
Torquere Press
Gay Contemporary
Reviewed by Beth Anne



Trucker Owner-Operator Jeremy and his co-worker Carlos are sixty-three miles away from seeing cute little waitress Shelby when they get into an argument in the middle of the desert.  Jeremy is trying to get Carlos’ opinion on what to wear to best impress Shelby.  Carlos is reluctant on stating his preference but being raised as an only child has no chance of winning any disagreement with Jeremy, who was raised with four brothers and three sisters and trained well in the art of winning verbal battles.

The dialog in 63 Miles to Shelby was fun and convincing.  Once Jeremy and Carlos make it to the city of Barstow and the best “…dive in the lower forty-eight” where Shelby works, the dilemma for Carlos increases as he hides his attraction to Jeremy, while Jeremy is sweet on Shelby, but Shelby put the moves on Carlos!  I enjoyed this fun tale of “who’s kissing who” and the friendship between Jeremy and Carlos.


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