The Masterís Prize by Maggie Nash
Erotic BDSM Contemporary Romance
Reviewed by Nannette



Elise Blake is a DJ for a radio station. The station is holding a contest where a five thousand dollar donation will get the winner a kiss from Elise. Mitchell Collins first saw Elise at a fetish club and was determined to have her so he eagerly donates the money.  Although Elise only went to the club on a dare she secretly craves being a sub. If Mitch can convince Elise to give their play a try, they might get what they both desire.

The Masterís Prize has a headstrong woman becoming a sexual sub. Eliseís journey to submissiveness felt natural. Mitch is very good to Elise. His possessiveness and desire for her is sexy. The ending gets a bit intense for Elise and Mitch and I felt Mitch should have been more in control. Also, the kinkiness of adding others to their play and the play itself felt a bit contrived at times.

Overall, itís a pretty good story though.


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