Shadowed Passion by Skylar Sinclair
Tome of Unnatural Desires, Book 2
Gay Dark Fantasy (M/M)
Reviewed by Sabella



Klein Tilmar loves swap meets, digging through other people’s discards to find gems.  Today he has found a book that calls to him in ways that he doesn’t understand, but he ignores that in favor of the adrenaline rush of a hard bargain.  The thrill of haggling successfully turns Klein on, and he heads home thinking about indulging himself while lamenting the lack of a lover that complements him sexually.  Klein, however, gets the surprise of his life when he opens the book and gets transported to a place that fits his darkest fantasies.

Shadowed Passion is not a book for the faint of heart as the characters and plot have a darker edge that some might find objectionable.  The relationship between the main characters has a forced aspect that I found hard to read about and I just couldn’t get past it in order to enjoy the book.  Also, the prose was oftentimes tediously verbose and formal.  However, the sexual chemistry between the characters was fiery, making up for the book’s shortcomings.  Shadowed Passion is a book for those readers that like stories that push the boundaries and show the darker sides of passion.


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