Reckless Behavior by Sage Burnett
Contemporary Romance
Reviewed by Bella



After her mother’s death, Bailey couldn’t find it within herself to sell her mother’s house.  Now she knows why.  She’s come to stay at the house when she can’t take her husband’s philandering ways any longer.  Determined to get a divorce, and using prescription drugs to get her through the hard times, Bailey’s a mess. 

Feeling insecure and uncertain of her own beauty, she seduces Jack McBride, the man across the street into loving her for a night.

The following day, she receives a lewd email from Jack.  When an enraged Bailey confronts Jack about the email, he insists he didn’t write it.  What follows is a sensual affair of sizzling proportions between the two, even though Bailey doesn’t quite trust Jack and yet, can’t seem to stay away.

But someone IS watching them at night and sending dirty emails by day.  Is it Jack or is it someone else stalking her, determined to get her attention?

Reckless Behavior was a wonderfully fascinating read.  I found myself caught up in solving the mystery of Bailey’s stalker and just when I thought I’d figured it out, a new twist would present itself, sending me in another direction. 

The sexual drama between Jack and Bailey was magnetic.  I could easily visualize their scenes as if I were a fly on their bedroom walls. The relationship dynamic was very believable.   I could feel Jack’s uncertainties in getting involved with a married woman and Bailey’s insecurities were fairly palpable. 

What pleased me the most was how Sage Burnett concluded the story.  Often, the resolution in a suspense story is akin to letting the air out of a balloon.  It’s a real letdown.  However, the ending of this story left me feeling very satisfied.    All in all, Reckless Behavior was a very satisfying read.


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