Midnight Marriage by Jean Fullerton
Historical Romance
Reviewed by Tanya



Lady Keira Liskard is the daughter of the Earl of Cornwall.  She has been kidnapped on the way to England to be with her father and hidden away in a convent.  She was kidnapped by her sister’s brutal husband Sir Hugh Noirville.  She does not want to be a nun and most definitely wants her father’s home back and to be married some day.

Sir Philip d’Apremont is the bastard son of a Greek woman captive and a Norman knight.  He is known as ‘the Saracen’ by his enemies whom have blown his reputation out of proportion.  He does not stand for those who harm others for fun or games.  He is given an opportunity by his friend and liege King Henry II to help get the Cornwall lands back and marry Liskard’s daughter Keira, if he can find her.  If he can accomplish this not only will he be made the heir of the Earl but will be awarded the title upon the current Earl’s death.

Keira and Philip marry the night he finds her.  They are both attracted to each other but don’t want to appear to be the weak one and hurt by expressing their love.  Keira is also very forthright in her opinions for a woman of her time, and while Philip needs to listen to some of her ideas he ignores them all until Keira takes things into her own hands.

What an absolutely wonderful medieval romance.  If you like a woman character that didn’t ‘know her place’ in medieval times than you will love Keira in Midnight Marriage.  I was enthralled with the characters as well as the overall story line.  The author was fantastic in keeping with times, on subjects such as how much time would be needed to battle, fighting techniques etc.  Midnight Marriage is wonderful medieval romance set in the Cornwall area of England. There were some editing issues with the book that were distracting but I was easily able to overcome them and be captured by the story.


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