Inside the Fire by Eve Savage
Reviewed by Cassie



Deryn Adams, a photographer, has come to her friendís isolated cabin to set up for her next photo shoot.  To her surprise, the cabin is already occupiedóby a sexy naked man!  She takes advantage of the situation, and they both have a great time.  But Brant is a firefighter, and Deryn has sworn off men with dangerous jobs.  Can she overcome her fears?

Inside the Fire starts off with a surprising (and hot) sex-with-a-stranger scene.  All the sex scenes are well done, especially the ones involving Derynís camera.  Stubborn, uninhibited Deryn and strong, sexy Brant are interesting characters.  They each have issues concerning love that Eve Savage touches on lightly.  The relationship between Deryn and Brant isnít as well-developed as the sex because it all happens very quickly.  I would have liked to see more back story, as well as more interaction between the two characters before theyíre suddenly in love.  Despite its lack of depth, however, Inside the Fire is a quick, enjoyable tale with a delicious hero.   


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