In the Moonlight by Sherri Good
Reviewed by Gracie



Cleo James does not really let people get too close, but there is something about Cyrus Giordano that draws her to him.  She simply will not allow herself to be attracted to him, especially since he is her new boss at The Lair, the bar where she bartends.

Cyrus is pulled toward Cleo from the moment he sees her behind the bar.  Cyrus is the boss and he wants to get to know a little about all his employees especially Cleo.  He feels like he needs to be with her and that there is a connection.

Cleo really does not have a family except for her friends; Janet, Max, Lisa, and Joseph, who work with her at The Lair.  The five of them have each other’s best interest at heart and will do anything to protect each other.  That is why they all dislike Jared Braden so much and want to keep him away from Cleo with whom he seems to be obsessed.  Cyrus immediately joins in their dislike of Jared and the entire group immediately accepts him…like he belongs there.  All of these friends seem to be connected in some way, and not just in their need to protect Cleo, and their desire to keep her safe from the craziness that Jared is causing.  Will Cleo be able to let down her defenses and accept Cyrus?

In the Moonlight is a great book and what I hope is the start to a great series involving the secondary characters and the thing that draws them all together.  Cleo is a sexy woman who just cannot put herself out there as life never seems to give her what she really wants.  Cyrus knows from the moment he sees Cleo that he must have her as a part of his life.  I loved the interaction with all the characters and I was hoping Cleo would find a way to accept Cyrus from the start.  Sherri Good knows how to weave a wonderful story and I love the way all the characters are connected.  In the Moonlight is a keeper!


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