Full Circle by I.M. CupnJava
Erotic M/M Paranormal Fantasy Yaoi Romance
ISBN 1-933400-68-4
Reviewed by Nannette



After three hundred and sixty years of searching, Kendrick has finally found his lover again, but Byron doesn’t remember him.  Byron doesn’t remember anything about his past.  In order for a vampire to survive, they need to feed and form a bond with their lover called a covenant.  If one lover dies or breaks the covenant, the other is sure to die as well.  Because Byron cannot remember his past, he runs from Kendrick and Kendrick is dying because of it.

Kendrick and Byron fight to protect mortals, Josiah and Alvaro fight with them.  They are also troubled by their lack of mates, but for different reasons.

Kendrick, Byron and the other vampires fight against an old enemy that has returned. He intends to annihilate them with a brutal and calculating detachment that only pure evil can possess. 

Full Circle's approach with vampires is intriguing, captivating and I think, ingenious.  The villain in this story is evil; his macabre acts are gruesome and sadistic, and he commits them with a witty calmness that is truly eerie.  I was captivated by him.  Kendrick and Byron are fascinating, sexy, and passionate, and Josiah and Alvaro are as well.  Aside from my personal feelings about not wanting Kendrick and Byron to be intimate with their feeders, I think Full Circle is an exceptional story.  I am eager to read more about these vampires and their cause.  The battle of good against evil has yet to be fought!


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