Extraordinary Love by Skylar Sinclair
The Guardians, Book 1
Paranormal Erotic Romance
Reviewed by Jo



Apolla awakes happily in the royal palace in the Kingdom of Animanee.  Today she is going to marry her prince.  So many changes are happening to her but they have all been good ones.  Knowing that her best friend, Princess Ariella, will soon be knocking on her door to help, Apolla relaxes and thinks of whatís coming.   Being married by the King of the Seahorse shifters and her future father-in-law is just the icing on her wonderful day.

Prince Kyanite cannot believe that after today Apolla will be his wife and his life will be changed forever.  The wait has seemed forever to him.  There is nothing that he would not do for Apolla to keep her safe and happy.  However he does have some bad news to tell her, but Kyanite is waiting until after the wedding to do so.  There are dark things that will affect the citizens of Animanee and the other civilizations of the seas if allowed to progress. 

Knowing that Kyanite must stay to be with the other sea Guardians, Apolla makes the best of the news.  When she and Ariella decide to shift and take a swim, the very worries that kept Apolla and Kyanite from their honeymoon manage to hurt both girls.  Kyanite and Max (Shark Guardian) race to find them, praying the entire time that they are okay.  This explosion not only puts a head on the problem facing the guardians, but it also sets into action the revelation of several other secrets that will affect not only Kyanite and Apolla, but also Ariella and Max.  Both couples will have to believe in each other and the love that is between them in order to have their happy ever after.

Extraordinary Love was my first experience with sea shifters and the various types of them.  Apollaís life is not what she has been lead to believe but everything was done out of love.  Kyanite has to make serious decisions and he made one concerning Apolla, one he decided to keep secret from her.  Kyanite and Apolla learn that sometimes secrets should be told with love instead of discovered and misunderstood.  The love that sprang up between Apolla and Kyanite was strong and lasting, I believe.  Ms. Sinclair also had another romance going during Extraordinary Love, that of Max and Ariella.  While I enjoyed the plot, I did feel that going back and forth between Kyanite and Apolla and Max and Ariella took me out of the story while I remembered when I last saw them in the story.  I believe that Max and Ariella deserved their own story.  This is a minor complaint though and I thoroughly enjoyed Extraordinary Love and my time with the Sea Guardians.  There is a very serious underlying subject matter that is addressed in the prologue, in the plot and authorís note that Ms. Sinclair did very well. I will be watching to see what areas the next Guardian books take me to.


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